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Kuddarna är stoppade med härligt minnesskum som anpassar sig efter dina öron och gör passformen personlig. Störande brus från din omgivning filtreras effektivt bort av hörlurarna så du slipper höra det. Ett rejält lyft på t. Eftersom anslutningen sker via Bluetooth 4. Det laddbara batteriet räcker för upp till 15 timmars lyssnande.

Sitter funderar på att.

The artists on these labels had names like Preston Ward, Al Runyon, Hank Smith, Rusty Williams, Betsy Green, Jim Fair, Maureen Whitt, Bob Sandy but often these were made up to hide people who had existing recording contracts under different names or were simply a series of names bestämd to one individual, examples of the last mentioned were Frank Virtue knipa Dave Burgess. However, one name that regularly cropped up was Delbert Barker and this was made the more memorable by his excellent versions of Hank Williams songs. To unravel this fascinating story, we searched for knipa located Delbert who kindly consented to a series of interviews and blid which the following story results. The labels Carl Burkhardt, Cincinnati, Ohio, formed Rite Record Productions in with the goal of making popular music available to consumers at lower prices. He hired local musicians and singers to record versions of hits of the day and issued the resulting covers on his three main labels - Big 4 Hits, Kentucky and Gateway. In addition, releases on such arsel the Big 4 Hits label proved to be innovative by providing the purchaser with four songs per record in lieu of the normal two. Also records issued by the Burkhardt companies could be found on stands in outlets such as pharmacies knipa supermarkets, locations that did not specialise in selling records but which had a large public throughput. All these measures served to attract high sales volumes.


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