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to Vasa itself. In 1981, the Swedish government decided that a permanent building was to be constructed, and a design competition was organised. On the orlop deck, a small compartment contained six of the ship's ten sails, rigging spares, and the working parts for the ship's pumps. Between 16 it was the dominant power in the Baltic, eventually gaining territory that encompassed the Baltic on all sides. The sides of the beakhead (the protruding structure below the bowsprit the bulwarks (the protective railing around the weather deck the roofs of the quarter galleries, and the background of the transom (the flat surface at the stern of the ship) were all painted red. The ship was warped (hauled by anchor) along the eastern waterfront of the city to the southern side of the harbor, where four sails were set, and the ship made way to the east.

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44 Each time the pontoons were pumped full, the cables tightened and the pontoons were pumped out, the ship was brought a metre closer to the surface. Guns were expensive and had a much longer lifespan than any warship. 60 The preserved Vasa in the main hall of Vasa Museum seen from above the bow. The remaining armament of Vasa consisted of eight 3-pounders, six large caliber stormstycken (similar to what the English called howitzers ) for use during boarding actions, and two 1-pound falconets. 45 Over the course of a year and a half, a small team of commercial divers cleared debris and mud from the upper decks to lighten the ship, and made the hull as watertight as possible. 28 Inquest edit The Council sent a letter to the king the day after the loss, telling him of the sinking, but it took over two weeks to reach him in Poland. The guns facing fight aft, the stern chasers, were still not on board when the ship sank, however; Hocker (2011). All cannons during this time had to be made from individually made moulds that could not be reused, but Vasa's guns had such uniform precision in their manufacturing that their primary dimensions varied by only a few millimetres, and their bores were almost exactly 146 mm. The water building up on the deck quickly exceeded the ship's minimal ability to right itself, and water continued to pour in until it ran down into the hold; the ship quickly sank to a depth of 32 m (105 ft) only 120 m (390 ft) from shore. escort i stockholm polish escort


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