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gossip. Another time, he wanted a full medical examination by Leonard's girlfriend,. When he sees his mother having sex, he is very concerned about the hypocrisy shown by his mother having relations outside of marriage yet expounding the Bible to him throughout his childhood, even going as far to declare "don't turn to him, he's mad with. Sheldon learned how to swim (on the floor) online. According to Leonard, this is another example of Sheldon's inability to understand irony. In " The Colonization Application Sheldon and Amy decide to take their relationship to the next, to buy a pet together - a turtle. In " The Clean Room Infiltration Bernadette takes Sheldon to Amy's Christmas dinner, while singing cheery Christmas songs at the top of her lungs. He flies back to Pasadena so that Amy can experience the pleasure of her work and the adulation of her colleagues. During the wedding ceremony, as Sheldon was addressing Howard and Bernadette, Amy looked displeased when Sheldon told them that he hopes they find happiness together as he has found being all by himself. Amy apologized and influenced him to man up to his feelings by saying that their current relationship status allows her to e in any repellent situation she likes. He even got to blow the whistle. Amy assumes that is the stress of planning for their wedding to which Amy tells Sheldon to try and relax more which doesn't go well. The woman at the employment office doesn't understand his behavior, and when he tells her he works as a physicist at Caltech, she thinks he's crazy and calls security. This age is supported by Leonard's comment that Sheldon has been emotionally stuck for about 29 years in " The Einstein Approximation with an air date of February 2010. Extremely tired, both Penny and Leonard put him to bed singing " Soft Kitty ".

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